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Things look hopeless as you ponder the chaotic world
Seeing no way out, no bright future waiting to be unfurled
Surely there must be good people fighting for me, for our country, for our freedom
Those brave heroes ready to open the doors to logic and reason
Yet you see no allied Army in your midst
No knights on white chargers just offset in the mist
You know the wrongs must be righted, the dawn must break, as you battle the evil you see in your wake.                                              
You feel overwhelmed at the strength of the foe
Yet a glimpse of light tells you that this just isn't so
You see the light in everyone, those honest people who are as you, awake and enlightened and pondering too
So the tide is turning, peace and liberty are in sight
You finally realise the hero, who is, and has been, ready for the fight
You see, the hero is hidden inside of you, you have the power and the might.
So at last the chaos will cease, the war will be won as unified
consciousness casts love's eternal light

Janey Bracken
PS To those who want a peaceful planet


Between the sun, the moon and the stars, the velvety black sky absorbs my soul
My longing to know what the Universe is, what I am, what I should be
I stumble, taking faulty steps to find the truth
The truth that may be beyond my reasoning, beyond the centre vision of  my perspective on life
But little by little, inch by inch, an amazing light is entering my view
The truth so far? We each have our parts to play, we have a purpose, a destiny, a destiny that is intertwined with others on this journey
The truth, however, is to be unravelled from the falsehoods that the deceivers offer in their roles, roles they play so well
They appear to hold the power, the weapons, the wealth
My fight for the truth will be a hard long road, hampered by those too afraid to come out from the shadows, shadows cast by the deceivers, the fearful ones can only perish, caught in the lies
But power and control is only born feeding on other's ignorance and foreboding, knowledge sets us free
The game is reaching its climax, the deceivers becoming exposed as never before
The complete energy of the Universe will ultimately become one
For we are part of it
We have the weapon so powerful, so supreme, it's in us all
Use it wisely and generously
Love is the sharpest sword, the defence and the reward above all else

Janey Bracken


I stir the grasses in the meadow, lifting their seeds upon the breeze
My sigh is heard in the echoes of the waves crashing to the shore
You will wake to my frosty fingered art on your windowpane
You will feel me as the soft summer sun kissing your skin
I am but a moment in your view, the glance of a movement just out of sight
I am the scent of the wood smoke, the heady perfume of the honeysuckle
I am the faint hum of the bumblebee on a warm spring day
I am the sparkling droplets of light on the ripples of the stream, the

 snowflakes melting on your lips
You may not notice me, you may tire of me, you may finally ignore me, as familiar things are often ignored
But you can't hurt me, I am here, I have always been, and I will always be
I love fiercely, I hate without forgiveness yet without spite
I am a force to be reckoned with
I am, as you are, a child of nature's entirety, the full circle of being
If you will only see 

Janey Bracken

Rejection's deep wound lies open and bleeding
There is no healing lotion, no closure for the pain
A cut, self inflicted, through constant attention paid to it
Seeking the reason, the part that was played to break the bond that had been so strong
The guilt of one's own actions, a pride without foundation
A thin veneer hides the scar to keep the shame within
Humiliation, regret, sadness and emptiness now take centre stage, where tenderness and love had dwelt so happily before
The heart still beats within the breast, but no longer rises in anticipation of the joy that life held then
Rejection has the final say, yet hope and longing still linger on

Janey Bracken

T'was but a moment, a small spark of light that vanished in the blink of an eye
A few tiny hours in a whole lifetime of comparable tedium
There must have been a reason why it occurred
A new experience of wonderment and then the equally new feeling of loneliness
The bright star quickly faded, the dull routine of life returned, even before the realisation sank in for the one left behind
Joyous recklessness gone, a sliver of light now hidden in the Universe, consumed by the enveloping darkness

Does the light now shine in another's Galaxy? It shines on, as moon beams ultimately do, for they are endless
And the one left behind? I too am the light, the consciousness, a pupil of the planets, my star will shine again too one day

Janey Bracken


I am not a dancer, I never was
Though in my dreams I daintily step through the meadows waltzing with my handsome lover
I am not a singer, my voice is weak
Though in my soul I join the blackbird in sweet song
I am not a beauty, I catch not an eye as I pass by
Yet how can I be without charm when I am part of the living breathing planet
I am not clever, I'm often slow to comprehend
Yet I see the flowers, the stars, the sky and the ocean in clarity
I am wise enough
So I need not excuse my place in humanity
I am not a speaker, I stumble over words dear to me
But my quietness allows my emotions to speak volumes in my silence
Weakness may be assumed through my compliance
Yet in my compliance I am strong, I do not yearn to win, I am at peace with myself
I may admire you for what you possess, yet I do not envy you
For possessions are meaningless if the wanting makes you sad
My gift is I, I am myself, I ask not your judgement to exist
If you seek to belittle what I am, or simply disregard me, then I care not, I am content

Janey Bracken


This feeling so intense, so unique comes from my heart not from my head, nor from common sense
A physical warmth, a glow of pleasure just to be in thy company
The thrill of love, the heady spin of compatible souls entwined
Just the thought of you brings a fleeting smile to my lips whilst I am alone or with others
My heart overruling my head in the wanting of you
My fate is a path laid clear to me
I will love you until I die, until my soul is free, though never free of thee
You are forever cherished in my being, I cannot explain, nor do I care to
I am so fortunate, I have my memories and my dreams, now locked away deep inside me
The sweetness of love was a precious gift bestowed upon me, I am blessed indeed

Janey Bracken