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Bringing you the News and Reviews from all London themed sims in Second Life, the people, the events, the news as it happens and when it happens. We are the original virtual London journalists, starting back in May 2008, we were the first and we remain the best.

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CNN first entered Second Life at the end of 2007 and Hibiscus Hastings and Janey Bracken were among the first ireporters who started writing stories from SL, uploading them onto the Beta pages of There were around 20 SL and real life ireporters at the beginning.

CNN ireport went 'live' in February 2008 and now the ireporters number around 46,000 and are still growing. Working closely with CNN Producers Tyson Wheatley, Nicole Saidi and Henry Hanks, Hibiscus and Janey, along with other in-world ireporters, have recorded a potted history of SL and its events over the following years, most of the stories connecting SL and real life. Fellow writer Ed Follet recently joined CNN and has written some great articles.

We are privileged to continue to gain knowledge and tips about journalism with the help of the real life CNN producers and proud that we were among the very first citizen reporters producing ireports.

You can read our stories at:

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First Congress Hearing in SL by Janey Bracken for CNN.

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