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Monday, 4 May 2020


I hope people are staying well and managing to get out and about a bit during this COVID-19 lockdown period.  If people can’t go and see their friends and family in the real world, having an avatar and meeting up on-line can come in really handy, especially as it’s free like it is in Second Life’s virtual world.  You can use your avatars to dance, hug, kiss and who knows what!! Or just sit and chat and catch up in a pleasant virtual environment that can be a little bit of escapism from the  stresses we find ourselves in at the moment until the pandemic is over.   My friend Hibiscus Hastings and I have owned land next to each other in SL for years and we always love visitors.  So if you have just joined SL or have been in the virtual world for a while you can always come over to our places and relax and have fun.  We are rarely about, or we are usually in on our sky-boxes above the sim if we are in-world, so we won’t bother you.  You can dance  to the music in the sim, it’s pretty popular middle of the road stuff, so it’s easy listening and there are no DJ’s or hostesses to pay, so don’t worry about tips, I know many people are struggling financially too at the moment, especially if they’ve been laid off of work.  I have a dance pavilion and a little cafĂ© opposite, the cakes and coffee are free, honest! Hibiscus has a lovely outdoor dance area and she has a wonderful gallery to visit full of 19th Century Victorian Art, currently featuring the work of James Tissot, plus she has a gorgeous house you can make yourself cozy in.  There are two houses on my land too that you can use, sit in front of the fire and chill out.  I have some fairies and unicorns in my garden and some mermaids and dolphins at the mouth of the river if you like a little bit of fantasy in your virtual lives. There is also a beach with a beach hut where you can gaze across the ocean to the lighthouse out on the island.  Both Hib and I have Skippo tables (an SL card game) so people can use those if they want some fun.  You can also play Skippo alone if you like, as you can rez a robot at the Skippo table to play against if you want to make it more interesting.  So come over and enjoy yourselves and bring your friends.

Janey Bracken