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Thursday, 23 April 2020


Happy St George's Day for 2020 everyone.  Well here we are, another year gone with many changes in just a few short months. I know we are in stressful and frightening times, not helped by the main media who are full of their usual agendas of sensationalism and propaganda, a lot of which doesn't make much sense.  It appears that COVI-19 is just a type of flu and the figures for deaths have been added to deaths which would have been recorded as other causes.  It's right to take precautions and to safeguard yourselves from infection, but we still have to try to normalise our lives as much as possible because that is the whole point of being alive, to enjoy your moments and to communicate with those you love by whatever means you have, as well as helping those in your community if you possibly can.  St George is England's hero, he was brave, he fought and killed the dreaded dragon and it's right to celebrate our beautiful England and its unity with Wales, Scotland and Ireland and with the rest of the countries around this fantastic planet. We are all citizens of our proud countries and we are all one at the same time, we will defeat viruses and anything else that might occur in the future to harm humanity and the true spirit of what we are.  Be there for others and like St George, face the future with determination and courage.  Where we go one, we go all.

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 12 April 2020


Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you are having a nice Sunday and although times are difficult I hope that you are managing to stay in touch with your friends and families over the holiday.   Remember, stress caused by fear is just as harmful as a virus itself and the main media are doing their best to broadcast this virus and nothing else to make everyone panic.  So try to relax and do other things, for example have fun in Second Life to  take your mind off of the constant non-stop coronavirus news; Not every cough or sneeze means you have the bug, there is hay-fever, colds, asthma or you might just have an allergy, just things that people usually get every year.  BUT  do take care of yourselves if you don't feel well, plus keep your distance whilst out to respect other people.  There has been some good news, a brilliant French doctor, Dr Didier Raoult, is having a lot of success in treating COVID-19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine along with antibiotics and now it's being used in NHS's hospitals in the UK and hopefully it will be in other countries too. So enjoy your day, laugh, joke, life is for living, not dwelling on what might or might not be! Have fun and have a lovely Easter.

Janey Bracken