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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Can't Embrace Your Friends Because Of The Coronavirus? Try A Virtual Second Life Hug!

What price a hug and a kiss?  Well according to the reports on the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the main media the price could be quite high because of passing on the bug.  People have also been advised to isolate themselves as a precaution, especially those having similar symptoms to Covid-19, or people who are more vulnerable because of their age, as immune systems weaken as time goes by and people get older; Plus the fact that some people would be more susceptible to Covid-19 and any other flu-like illness because they may not be able to fight off the virus as they already have an underlying condition they are coping with.   But contact with other human beings is very important for health and happiness, happiness itself greatly assisting in being healthy and also anything  that can stop people being depressed about the whole episode is also vital for keeping well, after all the majority of people who catch Covid-19 recover. Ok, so you can’t hug or meet your extended family or friends in real life at the moment because you really don’t want to risk picking up or spreading the virus, but at least there is the internet and Second Life, a place where you can pour your emotions into a virtual embrace by using your avatar and its animations as you meet your favourite people on-line.  Those who regularly use virtual reality worlds such as Second Life (SL) know how close you can get to other people and how intensified a relationship can be even without the  physical reality of the real world.  We are, after all, spiritual people,  whose emotions  of love, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness  and joy can be  transmitted to those sensitive enough to respond to them.  So rather than being lonely it may be a good idea for anyone who hasn’t tried Second Life to sign up and make a few virtual  friends so that you can chat any time, day or night, and the good thing is that it’s free to join. You may even link up to someone in your area so eventually you can meet them off-line.  Of course, just as in real life, you have to be cautious meeting people virtually, the same real life tricksters can be in virtual worlds too. So don’t  give your personal details over to anyone straight away, get to know people gradually before you discuss your private matters.  Will SL be affected by Covid-19, well it could be, its staff have to be well enough to operate the company and its many servers, plus there is always a chance that the internet will be so slowed down that it becomes unusable for a time.  I noticed that so many people were using Xbox the other day that it was reported in the Daily Mail that the whole system had crashed. 

My views about the Covid-19 are that we are in unknown times and that we must prepare for whatever we think may happen, yes stock up on bits and pieces and keep an eye on Government notifications, the main media are simply trying to cause a panic, which leads me to believe that a lot of this is politically driven and the virus may not have been spread naturally.  After watching the UK Chancellor yesterday on television, the good news is that it’s clear that the politicians are trying to make sure that people can be provided for over this period as they discussed people not having to pay for utility bills and council tax etc for the time being. In fact it was nice to see the Government and shadow Government in harmony for a change.  For anyone who follows world news,  we’ve been expecting world-wide finances to collapse anyway because of the bubble created by the big banks printing money and using Fractional Banking; A system where they lend out 10 times the amount of money they actually have. So now would be a good time for a complete re-set regarding how economies are run whilst everything else has to be sorted out anyway.  We are also going through a revolutionary time when the majority of jobs will become automated and technology is taking centre stage to change the way we do things with programs like the 'Internet of Things' connecting all appliances to be centrally monitored (see Boris Johnson’s speech in the UN about the dangers of these advancements taking away our freedoms).  To my mind, now is the time for countries to look after the welfare of their own people, to stand on their own feet and to put  in place anything they consider will help their populations whist respecting privacy and our freedom of expression.  The spread of  Covid-19 does prove that we need borders and we need cooperation with other countries at the same time.  Globalism means that no one is looked after, only those at the top, those  same people who want to kill off capitalism for ordinary people and reduce the world’s populations (As in the UN’s Agenda 21 and 30 and the Climate Change agenda to reduce our carbon based life on the planet, which all life is carbon based, to zero).  (see Also see Jim Lee for statistics about the virus)
So try not to think obsessively about Covid-19, just take sensible precautions, enjoy your days and look after each other. Take a daily dose of Vitamin D3 and K2 and any other vitamins you may benefit from to help you to ward off any viruses in the first place.  There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, there is only today, only right now, so make the most of your life and don’t be scared by the propaganda being used by the main media to spread fear and despair. 

Janey Bracken