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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Get Set For 2019 Valentine's Day Tomorrow

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, time to think about the one you love and to buy him or her that romantic gift and card.  There will be plenty of Valentine’s day parties going on in Second Life this week and there are lots of romantic venues, everything from those fantastic formal Jazz clubs like Franks Place and Sweethearts to great nightclubs like the HangOut, Muckers, Zorro’sTavern and Muddy’s Music Café.  If you want something a little bit different there’s the Linden’s Isle of View, the location is made up of four sims shaped like a heart, each with beautiful lantern lit gardens, pavilions and walks, and you can catch a ‘swan boat’ alone or with your partner and drift along the sparkling river.  Of course, what really draws people to the Isle of View sims, as well as the lovely gardens, is the fact that the Lindens themselves usually drop in on the big day for people to meet them and you may even get a kiss if you are lucky!  So whatever you decide to do, just a have great time in both Second Life and Real life.

Janey Bracken


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