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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Zorro's Tavern Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Cat!

I’ve just heard that Zorro’s Tavern celebrated its 5th Anniversary on the 24th January. Zorro’s owner Rob Fenwitch has worked hard and made the Tavern a legend in Second Life, it’s always a very  popular venue and Rob’s always had a great line up of DJ’s, including Minxy Woodsheart, Brain Woodsheart, Ed Follet, Barbara TXBailey, Janis Short and Rob himself!  Everyone has been very well looked after with Zorro’s Hostesses Catriona and Fibi who always make us very welcome.  The Grand Opening of the Tavern was on the 24th January 2014 and one of the first DJ’s to play his great tunes there was Brain.  I heard it was Catriona’s birthday a few days ago too, I hope you had a lovely day Cat, Happy Birthday! 

Always a brilliant place to party and have a good time, I’m sure Zorro’s Tavern will be around for many more years to come. Well done Rob!

Janey Bracken 


Sunday, 20 January 2019

Spring Comes Early to My SL Land

Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations went past in a flash, it’s always sad to take those decorations down, but then again, it’s always like new beginnings when you do finally pack all the tinsel away.  I’d kept my Christmas SL theme traditionally until the 12th Night, including the snow, it was making me feel a little bit shivery in the end so I was glad get back to the virtual grass.  I’d put large prims over the terrain for the snow, as I couldn’t alter the terrain texture and when I removed the snow base I had loads of big pools of water all over the place where I’d lowered some of the land under the snow prims.  I used the land tool to level it all out, I’m not that good with the ground tools, but I got there in the end.  So then came the good bit!  I began to design my land for an early SL Spring. 

I wanted to put some paving down this year with a few town houses instead of the theme being completely rural.  I found an amazing SL store called Maya’sArchitecture which sells really high quality houses and other designs for very low prices.  I soon picked out the elegant town houses I wanted and a Café as well. The first thing I did after flattening the site was to carve away an oblong pond so that I could put my ducks and swans out, they look so pretty swimming around and the signets and ducklings follow the parent birds, such great SL scripting. 

I soon set the houses and Café that I’d bought at Maya’s where I wanted them and I  enjoyed putting some flowers and grasses out too to soften the paving.  I’d realized a while ago that to make buildings look a little more realistic you have to join them in some way, by using paving, a path or a road from structure to structure so each building doesn’t look like it’s  `plonked down’ in the middle of a field looking isolated. There are so many places to buy some lovely paths and dirt roads in SL that you are spoiled for choice.  Always in my mind is how many prims they use though, as being in a quarter of a homestead I try to use my 1250 prims wisely. It must be wonderful to own a whole sim so you could put more detail into everything, but I’m pleased with the amount I have to work with. My first little plot of land only had 250 prims, so I learned to make them go a long way. Mesh is brilliant as it uses so few prims for such spectacular creations. 

I still have my favourite house in the sim that I purchased from LAQ and this is set away from the built up area where the town houses are. Next to the LAQ house I have a raised cliff which leads down to a small beach, this cliff and beach are from Two Moon Gardens and it’s very clever, it’s compact and it doesn’t have to have a massive area, plus you can remove a few of the plants to help with your prim count, but the whole thing is beautifully done.  Just across the way from the beach I have my dance pavilion where I’m hoping avatars can dance the night away if they want to.  My houses are all free to visit and for people to sit and chat and for newbies to be able to change their outfits in private.  I remember as a new avatar trying to find an empty sims to change my virtual clothes. 

I’m happiest when I’m putting everything together for a new SL season and I love shopping to see what’s new each time.  I’m hoping my land has a little bit of everything this Spring, the beach, the dancing, the town houses and the  café. There’s also the Skippo card game table way up on the cliff overlooking that sparkling Linden ocean, and I can even make the sun shine. even if it’s grey and cold outside in the real world.

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 1 January 2019