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Monday, 14 May 2018

Eight Fabulous Years of the HangOut Club - Janis Celebrates With a Mods at Brighton Party.

HangOut owner Janis Short

Janis Short's fabulous legendary club the HangOut reached its 8th Anniversary this year and Janis celebrated tonight with a 'Mods at Brighton' Party. (The Mods on their Lambretta scooters and the Rockers on their motorbikes notoriously met to battle it out in Brighton, East Sussex in the 1960s). DJ Janis had done a fantastic job in the club to make it look like the famous British seaside resort and the clubbers looked really smart in their 60s Mod gear.  Janis played all the popular hits from the era and the party looked to go on most of the night! Congratulations on the HangOut's 8th year Janis, may there be many more

PS when the HangOut first opened reporter Ed Follet had a sneak preview back in 2010 when he  wrote a great article about his visit.  See
An Invitation to DJ Janis’s Hangout Club

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Thanks Janey for reminding me of that review, I can hardly believe that I wrote it now. It was a great 8th birthday party for 'The Hangout' last night, the club and its host have not lost any of their magic and atmosphere over the intervening years.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Ed, Yes, Janis has worked very hard to make the HangOut such a great venue for us all over the years. She's a huge bundle of talent and she knows the music business like the back of her hand, making the HangOut such a success! I looked back at the opening of the HangOut and remembered the fantastic article you wrote about it, you certainly captured the moment and it was a joy to read, many thanks Ed!
Janey :)