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Sunday, 1 April 2018


The 2018 Bunny Trail

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! We have some sunshine this morning in real life, although it's a bit chilly, but a nice day for a brisk walk. However, If you don't want to go out this fine Easter Sunday morning you can log into Second Life and have some fun at the Easter Hunts that the clever and generous SL creators have put on for the holiday period.   You have to pay to join some of them, but some are free, so you can donate if you wish to.  There are many wonderful prizes to be had and some beautiful virtual gardens to enjoy.  I first teleported over to the Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt and had a great time wandering around looking for the Easter eggs containing some fantastic prizes.  From there I went on to the 2018 Bunny Trail which is great fun too with a special prize at the end! There are many hunts to choose from and if you enjoy taking photographs, some lovely Easter landscapes to take pictures of as you travel around.  I'll be visiting some more SL hunts over the holiday, I hope you all have a brilliant Easter!   

Janey Bracken
The Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt

The Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt

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