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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Truth Hair Has A Great Stylist Hud To Alter The Hairstyle

I just love shopping for hair in Second Life, trying all the demos on is such fun.  One of the stores I really like to visit is Truth Hair.  I went over to see their new styles the other day and as usual I couldn't resist buying another hairstyle from them.  I bought a style called Farryn and it's very elegant with a long loose plait and the hair texture and colour is lovely and very natural looking. SL hair technology is still moving forward and for the first time my hair package from Truth Hair contained a Stylist Hud as well as the Hair Colour Hud. The Stylist Hud lets you change the hairstyle, I could have a fringe or a side parting, the plait can be moved to the back or over alternate shoulders and there are also different sizes to suit all avatars. This is a great feature and the hair was still only 300 Lindens, which is very reasonable with such variations on the style.  Now I'll have to check the other stores to see if they are offering Stylist Huds too, more excuses for trying on those fantastic demos!

Janey Bracken

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