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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Happy UnBirthday Janis, Dark Alice Was A Night To Remember!

There was a very unusual Alice in Wonderland party at the HangOut tonight. We were celebrating HangOut owner Janis Short's Unbirthday Party, Unbirthday you say? Yes Janis's actual Birthday will be on March 30, so I guess it's a bit Alice in 'Wonderlandy' to go backwards and have an Unbirthday! This Alice theme was Dark Alice, lots of people had costumes with some dodgy bloodstains and some even brandished knives with the blood still wet on them, I guess this is the MK Ultra side of our Alice, her hidden mad side! And Janis said her music would be a little bit mad to match Dark Alice too! She played a great selection of tunes and it was a great party!  Happy Unbirthday Janis! Your party was lots of fun!

Janey Bracken

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