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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

After The Italian Elections On Sunday Take A Trip To The Virtual Italian Village of Ciampi And Chill

I looked in the SL Destination Guide today and the first place on the list was  a beautiful virtual Italian village called Ciampi, so I thought I would go over and have a look around.  As everyone must be aware by now there was a real life General Election in Italy last Sunday when the main political parties were beaten by the populist parties. The winners are now in the process of forming a coalition government.  Good luck to our friends in Italy, you have exciting times ahead and I wish you well!  Second Life's Ciampi village is a gorgeous place to visit, it's very well designed and gives that authentic rustic feel with its little cobble stoned streets and charming  buildings and shops.  From the centre of Ciampi I wandered down to the very stylish PortoNuovo Harbour;  I could  just imagine sitting there with a cup of coffee and just letting the world go by.  There is a large church in the centre of Ciampi as well, which would make a romantic setting for an SL wedding.  Go over and have a look at Ciampi, take a virtual picnic and a bottle of Italian wine and chill!

Janey Bracken

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