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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Congratulations To Muckers! The Popular SL Club Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary!

One of SL's most popular clubs celebrated its 8th Anniversary tonight, yes Muckers, owned by Brucie Lusch is eight years old!  Amazing how time has flown past, Muckers is a wonderfully friendly venue with some of the best music in town.  Tonight our dj was Minxy and it was posh frocks and rock music with some top songs from 2010.  I donned my best red dress and headed over to Muckers with friend Ed Follet and we had a great evening.

Congratulaions Brucie on Muckers' 8th Anniversary!

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Congratulations on the 8th aniversary to Brucie her staff and all the patrons who make 'Muckers' a popular Second life destination. Thank you also Janey, for this ace report and brilliant photos :-)

Janey Bracken said...

Thanks Ed, it was a lovely party, congratulations to Brucie and her staff, may they have many more years to celebrate Muckers!