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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Beautiful Clocks With Adjustable Time Zones From Kazza

Time is a funny thing, tomorrow never comes, yesterday is gone but it's always 'now'.  Some people say there is no such thing as time, that we have many different versions of ourselves doing things in different dimensions, or slightly different frequencies, making different choices. A bit like quantum mechanics where you can have different outcomes from the same source of energy, like I may have put the cat out this morning, but one of my other personas left the cat warming himself by the fire and as in the quantum entanglement, the cat was really asleep upstairs on the bed after all. Crazy thought, but science is proving to be very strange, even Geordie Rose said that quantum computers could overlap dimensions and I guess we can be in SL and in real life at the same time! I went on holiday in Majorca a few years ago and experienced two New Year's Eves on the journey home. One midnight on the plane and one midnight when we landed as we crossed the time zone. Time is such an important part of our lives and in Second Life we are meeting people from different time zones every day. For instance friend Hibiscus is in Canada, so she is five hours behind my time in the UK, then again there is Second Life time which is equivalent to Pacific Standard Time, so it all gets a bit confusing as we meet up to go to the clubs and events inworld. That's why when I saw a promotional notice for a set of wall clocks with adjustable time zones from a great store in SL called Kazza I headed over to have a look.  I was totally smitten when I landed near these beautiful timepieces after teleporing to the store, they are works of art and they have a menu so that you can change the time to whatever time-zone you want.  At first I thought that each individual clock was for sale for 399 Lindens, but to my surprise you purchase the whole collection for that price. Needless to say, so far I have three clocks on display for London time, Canada time and Second Life time and I plan to put the others out too. If you visit Kazza have a look around, I've bought some beautiful furniture and other items from the store as well, Kazza's work is top quality.

Janey Bracken

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