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Friday, 5 January 2018

Take Your Christmas Decorations Down, it's Twelfth Night

It's the Twelfth Night of Christmas tonight and time to take those festive decorations down.  I really enjoyed decorating my virtual land for Christmas and I added bits and pieces to it all the time over the festive season, especially after seeing some beautiful things in the shops that I couldn't resist buying.  So not only was I taking down decorations in real life, but I also had to clear my SL parcel of any hint of Christmas today.  (I try to make things easy by opening  another inventory window by using the menu at the top of the inventory where it says 'new window' which opens a copy of your inventory so you can have the copy and the original inventory windows open together. From the new window  I create a new folder from the menu at the top and call the folder 'Christmas 2017'  I then type Christmas 2017 in the search area at the top and this shows only the folder I have created below without the rest of my inventory items getting in the way.  Once I've collected all of the objects back into my inventory I go to the 'Recent Items' tab in the original inventory window and simply drag the items over to the Christmas 2017 folder in the copied inventory window.  The new folder will appear in your original inventory under the Recent Items tab as soon as you drag an item into it.)  

Since Victorian times it's been a tradition to take down the decorations on the Twelfth Night; Twelfth Night falls on the 5th of January and Epiphany on the 6th of January. Epiphany marks the end of Christmas when the Three Kings came to visit bearing gifts for the baby Jesus after they followed the star to Bethlehem. It's said to be unlucky to take the decorations down a day before or a day after Twelfth Night. although until the 19th Century people would keep their decorations up until Candlemas Day, which is on the 2nd of February.  So traditions have changed over the years.  I must say, although I love the decorations and everything about Christmas, it is nice to take them down and to know you are entering into a new year.  Now I've cleared everything away I'm left with this empty piece of SL land and I have to plan for the Spring, no doubt with lots of flowers and trees everywhere, and of course constant sunshine (only offered by SL), so the terraforming begins.......

Janey Bracken

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