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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

If You Are Landscaping Your SL Garden, Or Adding Something Special To Your SL Paradise, You Will Find All You Need at Kidd's Garden Centre

Since I can remember owning a parcel of land in SL I've been buying plants, trees, flowers, grasses and other items from the Kidd Garden Centre.  Not only are these fabulous items very low prim, they are also very inexpensive and the quality is superb.  I got a great surprise the other day when dop Kidd dropped me an IM along with a lovely gift of some seaside plants and palm trees.  Apparently dop had been friends with my previous neighbour on the sim and had looked at my garden.  I've just installed a beach there, so the gift was very welcome and I really enjoyed placing out the Kidd palm trees (complete with coconuts) and the shrubs which look so natural. I have a lot of items from the Kidd Garden Centre in my inventory, timber walkways and bridges, gazebos, things for each season of the year. The flowers are beautiful, I have a whole colour range of Kidd blooms and the nice thing is they come in many styles, scattered groups of plants, hedgerows, single plants and bushes and they are all generally just one prim to cover a big area. It's the same with the meadow grasses, all sizes and shades of green, many with very pretty flowers laced among the spiky green grass leaves.  You can buy versions of the plants and trees that you can copy and modify now too, which is really handy.  If I want something for my garden, Kidd's has always been one of the first stores on my shopping trip, there is always something new and the choice is just amazing.  Thank you dop for your wonderful gift.

Janey Bracken


KIDD said...

Aaawww, it's a double pleasure for me when I see your seaside and read all these kind words, I'm very touched, many thanks to you for your care and fidelity on my little work, I am a lucky gardener with such followers :)

Janey Bracken said...

Hi dop, Thank you so much, your creations are wonderful and a joy for us all in SL, best wishes Janey :)