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Monday, 11 December 2017

Santa's Workshop Elves Downed Tools For Some Party Fun

The elves in Santa's Workshop had some guests today, so they were forced to down tools and join in the fun as the HangOut regulars decided to hold a party there.  The HangOut clubbers had a choice, they could be naughty or nice and I did spot an Elf with a clipboard taking notes. He was crossing off the people from his list that he thought had been a bit too naughty this year.  Still, it will make less work for poor old Santa who has to squeeze himself down those millions of chimney's every year.  I think DJ Janis may have been crossed off of the 'Nice' list and put on the 'Naughty' list for taking everyone to Santa's workshop anyway. Santa told me that his elves might not get their work finished in time because of the party, so those dancing elves will have to work all through the night now to make up for lost time.  Everything was going fine and then the  EU Elf and Safety Fairy appeared and told everyone that the fun had to end as no one had asked her permission to hold a party in the workshop and she pointed to all of the dangerous tools laying around.  Someone kindly bribed her with a mince pie and she joined in the fun too!  (Please don't tell her, she's on the naughty list now!). 

Janey Bracken

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