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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Dancing on Ice at Zorro's Tavern

Here we are, the day before Christmas Eve and the shops in real life have been hectic since Thursday with people rushing around trying to get everything ready for Christmas Day this coming Monday.  So after joining the mad people shopping I was pleased to log into SL tonight and head over to Zorro's Tavern where DJ TXBarbara was having a party on the ice-rink outside of the well known Tavern.  Barb played some rock as well as some Christmas favourites and everyone dressed in their winter woollies so as not to feel the chill.  Minxy told us it was their engagement anniversary too today, it was three years ago that the lovely couple Minxy and Brain had got engaged in real life, how quickly the time has gone, congratulations to them both! It was lovely to chat and dance along to the music and I had a great time!

Janey Bracken

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