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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Gorgeous Sakura Prunus Mume (Cherry Blossom Tree) For All Seasons

I received another smashing tree from Hayabusa Designs this week and this one is a Sakura Prunus Mume (Cherry Blossom Tree).  The pretty swaying foliage once again suits every season with so many choices in the hud. A variety of spring colours through to winter hues.  In particular I like the winter menu which allows you to have some frosty branches and some untouched by the frost as you would in nature where some branches are more sheltered. So you have six versions in the winter menu giving you a partially white tree to completely white. It's the same with the other seasons too, a great choice. You can also switch to Auto Seasons, clicking on Winter gives you a lovely white bark on the tree too for the deepest of winters.  The Prunus Mume has 7 prims and you can purchase it at Hayabusa Designs.

 Janey Bracken   

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