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Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Fun of Fifty Linden Fridays Shopping

And there it was, Friday again already, surely it can't be a whole week has gone by so quickly since I had collected loads of brilliant bargains and all for just 50 Lindens each!

I joined the Fifty Linden Fridays group a little while ago, it has a huge number of members (32783) and I can see why.  People love a good deal even in Second Life and the stores that contribute to the Fifty Linden Fridays Group by selling their designs at such a cut down price are all quality top notch SL shops and garden centres. It's also a lot of fun, you log into SL and you know it's Friday instantly by the Fifty Linden Fridays group chat that is going on with excited people asking each other if they can find the special item on sale in one store or another, that is if they can't locate the sale item straight away. 

I've had all ranges of amazing things, hair, dresses, shoes, furniture and at the moment some cool Halloween stuff. One Friday the group members simply couldn't find the 50L item for sale although the group sign was at the store.  We gave up looking and then someone later announced in group chat that although the item for 50L wasn't to be found the store was actually having an amazing sale of lots of its stock.  The designer specialised in property, beautiful houses, cottages, sheds, greenhouses, beach huts and summer houses and I was astonished to see that they had a large amount of their virtual buildings on sale for just 75L each.  Needless to say I treated myself to quite a few of them as I do change my parcel of land quite a bit.  I went back to my SL home and rezzed one of the large cottages,  I just can't believe what a bargain it was.

So as usual this Friday I received my group notecard, which lists all the stores and landmarks of the designers who were contributing this time and off I went on my fun shopping trip to catch the bargains.  Being that my inventory is a nightmare, I make sure to create a folder for each week's bargain hunt so that I can easily find the items again when I log back in. Plus the notecards are handy to keep if you are shopping for something other than the 50L Friday item, you have all the landmarks ready to hand to take you back to look around those wonderful shops and examine their wares properly.

I try to be selective about what I buy for 50L, after all, it does all mount up to quite a lot of Lindens if you buy something from each store on impulse just because it's there, and you may never even use it or wear it. I do usually buy quite a few items however, my poor inventory groans with yet more stuff to sort out!

The Fifty Linden Fridays' group is great and it's free to join, so get going and find yourself some lovely bargains!

Janey Bracken.


Hibiscus said...

It is great! Even if only for the fun of the hunt, although I have to admit I always find one or two things I "just have to have", lol.

Janey Bracken said...

Me too Hib! I'd hate to go home empty handed Lol