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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Nilsy's Fashions Hit The Right Note For Halloween

I'd worn one of Fashion Designer Nils Tomorrow's dresses to the Glam Night at the HangOut last Monday, it was a beautiful Python print mini dress and it did feel very glamorous !  So I decided to take a trip back to Nilsy's store today to see if she had something I fancied for the SL Halloween Parties that will soon be happening within the next few weeks. I'd had a chat with Nilsy yesterday and she told me about her real life Fashion House business.  She sells a whole range of gorgeous designs in the real world as well as her fabulous virtual outfits.  It's no wonder Nilsy is so talented, she studied at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London and you have to be really gifted to be accepted for a course there. Nilsy is very busy trying to balance her real life business with her Second Life designs, so she rarely has time to visit the virtual world lately.

Nilsy's virtual store is packed with wonderful designs, lots of mesh as well as system clothes.  She has so much in her store that you will want to buy a few outfits and as the styles are around the 250L mark you can afford to splash out now and again.  I soon saw the Halloween dresses, the range is very original and excellent quality, I picked a skeleton dress in black with a silvery skeleton pattern and a daring low cut neckline. I'd been on a Fifty Linden Group Hunt a couple of weeks back and I had  bought a scary claw marked skin which gives you gashes over one eye, so I tried it on with my skeleton dress and I love the effect.  The claw marked skin is made by Belleza (Belleza Little Red FLF Catwa applier), so I was able to use the Catwa applier it with my Catwa Bento Mesh head.  

Nilsy has elegant evening gowns, day dresses, cocktail dresses, pants suits  and everything you can imagine, plus she has some longer styles for people who don't always want mini dresses. Nilsy also has some lucky chairs, so if your initial comes up while you are visiting the store you get a free outfit too! Take a trip over to Nils Island Store and get yourself ready for some Halloween Trick or Treating!

Janey Bracken.

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