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Sunday, 29 October 2017

DJ Ed's Party In The Enchanted Forest

The green mist swirled eerily around the ruins of the old castle, the trees, dark and foreboding, loomed overhead, taking on almost human shapes, their branches looking like long gnarled fingers reaching out to grab anyone who came too close. As the mists cleared the outline of the dancers became apparent, they were the  ghosts and ghouls, the creatures of the night, who had gathered together to hear dj Ed Follet's mystical music. And mystical music it was, dj Ed was playing his set at Zorro's Tavern, Zorro's owner Rob Fenwitch had turned his famous venue into an enchanted forest and everyone turned up in their best Halloween costumes for a great time.  Zorro's hostess Fibi made sure that we were all safe and sound and no dark spells were cast to spoil our wonderful evening!  Thanks Ed, Rob and Fibi, it was a terrific party!

Janey Bracken  

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