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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The White Cliffs Of Dover Sim With Dover's Rich History - Plus War, What Is It Really About?

I visited a very interesting sim yesterday called the White Cliffs of Dover. It's very well done, you can visit the replica of the English town of Dover and also the famous White Cliffs overlooking the Channel between Britain and France.  The main building in the centre of the virtual Dover town holds all the information and links to the videos telling the history of Dover and Dover Castle, plus it also covers the WWII battle of Dunkirk where Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium and France were surrounded and trapped by the German Army and the brave effort by the military forces to rescue them.  Most touching though, was the fact that many of the local people joined in to aid the rescue; A flotilla of small fishing boats and pleasure cruise boats took to the seas to help to save those courageous trapped soldiers. The White Cliffs of Dover sim is certainly worth a visit. (LEA14 White Cliffs of Dover sim)


And Talking About War

I'd gone to the Roadside Philosopher's meeting on Saturday and the topic this week was about education.  However, as sometimes happens, someone in the chat circle started talking about something barely related to the theme and a large amount of the discussion went to the new item.  The subject was war and the newcomer who started it off likened the human race to killer apes stating "Human beings are killer apes, killer apes that learned how to build and to farm and how to wage wars and be more efficient killer apes - thus any education must reflect that." He seemed to suggest that hunting and killing were normal traits to all humans, as is the need to conquer everything in sight.

My take on war is quite different and whilst I agree that there are many humans who enjoy violence and the actual theatre of war, many more don't and so many military people come home mentally scarred by what they have done or seen on the battlefield.  This is why soldiers have to be primed into the mode of fighting and killing with their training, as the instinct to run and hide is natural in the majority of cases, rather than to have to kill a complete stranger who is simply serving his own government in the same way, but is now the 'enemy' soldier.

We lost so many people in two brutal world wars who were told they were fighting to defend their country and they believed that they were doing their bit for their nation states. Of course, most of those people would never have even thought about taking part in a war if they had known that today we are being told that we have no individual countries, and that we should all be globalists with no culture and no roots of our own. Why exactly did those people sacrifice their lives in the first place if they had no country and no culture to protect?  War is for the extremely rich and powerful, the doers and shakers of the planet, the people who see war as a profit making machine and a way to depopulate the planet as well as giving them a chance to rebuild things precisely the way they want them. They don't give a fig about the people.  As one famous world leader said charmingly "Soldiers are just useful idiots". Yes one of the privileged few who would simply be sitting in his luxurious bunker, well out of the way of any danger, whilst planning on how many people he can send out to be killed in some useless battle. These people haven't got a jot of respect for those brave men and women who fought so gallantly, those who thought they were saving their countries from invasion and destruction.  It's also a blame game, one nation or another being called evil and being blamed for centuries for what their ancestors were supposed to have done. Ordinary men and women carrying the burden of age old guilt for actions that they had no power to stop, when in fact the few who are orchestrating the agendas hide behind the different nationalities whilst engineering the media to present biased news for the chaos they want to happen and to constantly divide people to start more wars.

In actual fact, over the entire planet the populations have so much in common, so much friendship to offer and they generally share a hatred of violence and uncertainty in their lives, which is now becoming the norm. As we hurtle towards an economical collapse, which is pretty much on the cards and the prospect of WWIII looks more and more certain, isn't it time people woke up and asked why such events are happening? To silently accept violence and corruption is to condone it, the Karma is yours. These leaders do actually tell you what is going to happen, so they put the guilt on those who ignore it.  We have the ability to communicate world-wide as never before, to talk to other citizens in other countries and we all want one thing and together we can achieve it  - A Peaceful Planet.
I would recommend that people listen to William Guy Carr's Speech in its entirety.

Janey Bracken

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