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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Grand Opening of the MedievalFantasty Store - A Halloween Experience

I had an invitation tonight to attend the Grand Opening of  the MedievalFantasy Store. The Halloween medieval sim is very impressive with its spooky buildings and abandoned village.  It drew lots of people this evening and they were enjoying exploring the village, especially the Victorian haunted manor house and asylum as well as the creepy church and churchyard. It had a great atmosphere, just perfect for Halloween.  You can buy all of the props and statues for your own virtual home too at the MedievalFantasy Store, so it gives you some good ideas about how you can set up your own Halloween experience.  The merchandise all looked very good quality and there were some really gruesome objects for those people who love all the horror and bloodthirsty side of things. Plus there is a nice little market in the centre of the village. You can also buy some elegant statues and period mesh furniture there as well.  This is the first Halloween sim I've been to this year and it's great fun, go over and explore! 

Janey Bracken

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