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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

September 2017, Back To School At The HangOut!

There was a brilliant party at the HangOut tonight, it was a back to school theme and owner/dj Janis played all of our favourite school related tunes. the crowd looked great in their school gear, some even had satchels with them. Hibiscus, who was dressed as a teacher, even had an apple in her hand that one of her students had obviously given to her, they must have thought it would curry favours to get some high marks for their homework. The HangOut schoolroom, cleverly created by Janis, looked amazing, it was packed and around 37 people had called into the tiny Club for the party.

Away from the virtual world of course, lots of kids went back to school last week, some of them heading there for the first time in their oversized grow-into school uniforms.  I must admit I hated school right from the beginning, I was a gazing out of the window sort of child who just didn't want to be there in the confines of the classroom.  In my Secondary School, (yes, I'm proud to say that I failed my 11+ exam, too much gazing out of the window I guess lol), the Pink Floyd tune 'Just another Brick in the Wall' about summed it up for me and for some reason; I found it all so boring. My best friend in school and I were always a bit scruffy and not really part of the top kids set.  The brainy kids always had their clothes looking as if they had just been pressed, no threadbare cardigans, scraped shoes or crumpled pleated skirts for them in the 'all girls' Secondary Modern School.  Of course, they excelled in all the subjects too, Maths, History, English, Music and Sport etc. and the teachers loved them. But what we lacked in academia, my friend and I made up for in wit and humour, we sat at the back of the class joking around and making the other kids laugh.  I was lucky though, I was good at Art right from the beginning of my school days, so I caught up with the other subjects later on, finally enjoying English language, Literature and History the most.  We were allowed to be creative in those days too, something that seems lacking in the Common Core style of teaching now, but against all odds the kids seem to be shining through anyway, there are many bright 'star-seed' children out there whose schooling just doesn't hold them back.  I hope they have a great future after this chaotic period on planet Earth!

Janey Bracken
PS There will be another great party at Zorro's Tavern on Thursday (2-4pm SLT) when owner Rob Fenwitch will be dj'ing.  Be sure to book your cab for a smashing evening!)

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