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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Fun at Zorro's Tavern and Pot Noodle for Tea

I haven't been to too many clubs just lately as real life has been getting in the way and sometimes other things in SL too, but I saw Zorro's was open tonight with TXBarbara Bailey dj'ing so I went over to say Hi to everyone and had a lovely time.  Barb plays some awesome music and, as ever, Zorro's was full of happy people chatting and dancing.  The conversation turned to food, which is a real hot topic in SL and Korky told us he was going have a Pot Noodle. A Pot Noodle is a delightful UK cuisine of dried noodles with some sort of powder which makes the sauce when you add hot water (if you buy chicken flavour, there is no chicken in the powder, so it's good if you don't eat meat as with the other flavours too).  Pot Noodles have played a big part in feeding the hungry people who can't be bothered to cook, so I though I'd just check the Pot Noodle history, so here we go, it's made by "Unilever, but it was another Japanese company, Golden Wonder, that took his invention and developed the Pot Noodle brand, which was launched in the UK in 1979. Unilever, which now owns the Pot Noodle, produces 175 million pots each year in its factory in Crumlin, south Wales"

The Independent newspaper reported the death of the Pot Noodle Inventor on 7 January 2007 - "You've probably once fancied a "Bombay Bad Boy". Or maybe the "Edwina Curry". You may even have gobbled down the one featuring "Big Dave". So many Britons are said to be fans of the Pot Noodle that few this weekend will not mourn the passing of Momofuku Ando, inventor of the instant noodle snack, who died of a heart attack on Friday aged 96."

So you see Korky is in good company, there are lots of Pot Noodle eaters in the UK enjoying their fast food snack. 

Janey Bracken

Friday, 29 September 2017

Prim Perfect Magazine Hosts Macmillan Coffee Morning: Cake Against Cancer!

There was a special event at Saffia Widdershins' Prim Perfect Magazine Offices tonight  in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.  Saffia tells us  "Every September, the UK charity Macmillan Cancer Support holds the biggest coffee morning in the world – and since 2013, we have held our own event in Second Life. The event in 2017 will be our fourth year hosting this."  The great music was supplied by dj Elrik Merlin and people arrived throughout the evening to give their donations and to dance and chat.

The annual coffee morning is a huge event in real life in the UK; Saffia told us some facts: "The coffee morning is Macmillan Cancer Support’s biggest fundraising event, where they ask people across the UK to hold a coffee morning and raise money for people living with cancer. In 2016, they raised an amazing £29.5 million. In the UK, people bake cakes to sell at coffee mornings that they host at their homes, their places of work, their schools, colleges and universities …"

When I arrived at the Prim Perfect Magazine Offices tonight I could see that a fair bit of virtual baking had been going on in SL too, there were lots of elegant tables with delicious cakes for sale (the donations from the sales going to the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity of course.)  The purchase of the cakes also gives you the recipes so you can cook them in real life, what a lovely idea.

The party isn't finished yet, the Second Life Cheerleaders are having an event of their own with cakes for sale. It starts at 6pm (SLT) so you can go and make your donation there as you buy one of their wonderful cakes.

Janey Bracken


Info if you wish to make a donation:

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British charities and provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.

All the money we raise from cakes and donations goes to an avatar we have created especially for the event – Macmillan CoffeeMorning (with a registered name of CoffeeMorning Resident). You can also send her cakes and/or recipes - she'll add them to our bake sales!

People who host their own event can also donate to our Just Giving page or directly to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Grand Opening of the MedievalFantasty Store - A Halloween Experience

I had an invitation tonight to attend the Grand Opening of  the MedievalFantasy Store. The Halloween medieval sim is very impressive with its spooky buildings and abandoned village.  It drew lots of people this evening and they were enjoying exploring the village, especially the Victorian haunted manor house and asylum as well as the creepy church and churchyard. It had a great atmosphere, just perfect for Halloween.  You can buy all of the props and statues for your own virtual home too at the MedievalFantasy Store, so it gives you some good ideas about how you can set up your own Halloween experience.  The merchandise all looked very good quality and there were some really gruesome objects for those people who love all the horror and bloodthirsty side of things. Plus there is a nice little market in the centre of the village. You can also buy some elegant statues and period mesh furniture there as well.  This is the first Halloween sim I've been to this year and it's great fun, go over and explore! 

Janey Bracken

Monday, 25 September 2017

Cops and Robbers Partied the Night Away at the HangOut

The HangOut was transformed into the streets of New York City tonight for a brilliant Cops and Robbers Party.  The club was packed with some very dodgy looking characters, lots of them packing sidearms and  it wasn't only the cops! You had to dance around your handbag in this club, the pickpockets were rife!  Luckily the only thing 'picked' was some fantastic tunes as dj Janis played some law and police related songs.  I did my best to get mug shots of them all, including the cops! You can't be too careful, they all got on far too well if you ask me!

Thanks for a brilliant night Janis.

Janey Bracken