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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The People Of Venezuela Need Our Help Right Now - Please Donate To This Special Cause

As people must be aware, the horrendous situation in Venezuela continues with people actually being killed and injured, the violence is out of control as people take to the streets to protest.  There is a shortage of food and supplies and existing from day to day for the Venezuelans is a real problem. These people desperately need our assistance and you can help by donating through Second Life to buy medical supplies for those injured in the recent events.

SL Wetherby Fashion designer Miss W (Alejandra Jumanya) who lives in Venezuela is running a fundraiser and people can go along and donate and also buy her special T-shirts from which the proceeds also go towards this very important cause; Miss W told us:

"Dear friends and customers:  After 116 deaths, +15,000 injured and +4000 protesters arrested, I think we are nearing an end.  I feel we will be having a lot of injured people from The Resistance (opposition troops), last week we had hundreds on my area.  I am going to do an event, to raise money to buy medical supplies.   We will be having some Venezuelan merchandise and the event will be very soon, if you can't donate, or buy, can I count on you to distribute this info to your groups and help us? You can support us by giving a donation, buying one of the 8 amazing tees I made for this occasion (NC Included) or you can come and light a candle and watch the news live, for absolutely free!"  

Please do what you can for the Venezuelan people, politics should be put aside, the suffering going on in Venezuela shames the whole planet.  

Janey Bracken

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