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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ed Rocks At Muckers

I hadn't planned on going out tonight in SL, but as Hibiscus and I were playing cards earlier, she told me that Ed Follet was dj'ing over a Muckers so we went over to see him.  Like Rob Fenwitch, Ed has just started his career as an SL dj and he is doing really well.  He played a whole range of very popular hits, he had a very well put together set and everyone loved it.  It was a nice casual evening at Brucie Lusch's fabulous Muckers venue and I had a really good time. Well done Ed, you rock!

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Thanks Janey, it was a fun evening at Muckers and a good crowd of friends as always :-)

Janey Bracken said...

Thanks Ed, you did a great job!