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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Beautiful Japanese Maple From Hayabusa Design Adds Life To My Second Life Garden

I just love SL gardening and terraforming, so I'm always on the lookout for new plants and trees and any garden bric-a-brac I can find in Second Life.  The good thing about the virtual world is the fact that you don't have to weed the garden, cut the grass or dead-head the flowers!  So I really enjoy looking at new virtual Garden Centres and marvelling at how the flowers and trees are getting so life-like.  I came across a wonderful company called Hayabusa Design, whose main Designer and HEO is Mitsuko Kytori.  The plants are not only well made and exquisite to look at, they actually move, they sway with the gentle SL breeze.  There is a hud scripted into the plants too, which gives you the seasons and how much movement you require as well as sound.   Originally I had bought some beautiful beds of flowers from Hayabusa Design, among them poppies and cornflowers, which look amazing.  This week I received a gift from the store of a spectacular Japanese Maple and it's absolutely gorgeous! The Japanese Maple is just so elegant with its season changing softly moving follege.  The tree now has pride of place in my parcel of land.  I would like to thank Mitsuko for sending this lovely gift out to Hayabusa customers and I'm going back to the store to see what else I can add to my ever growing SL garden.

Janey Bracken

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