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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ed Rocks At Muckers

I hadn't planned on going out tonight in SL, but as Hibiscus and I were playing cards earlier, she told me that Ed Follet was dj'ing over a Muckers so we went over to see him.  Like Rob Fenwitch, Ed has just started his career as an SL dj and he is doing really well.  He played a whole range of very popular hits, he had a very well put together set and everyone loved it.  It was a nice casual evening at Brucie Lusch's fabulous Muckers venue and I had a really good time. Well done Ed, you rock!

Janey Bracken

Join DJ Rob At Zorro's Tavern Next Wednesday!

If you missed Zorro's Tavern owner Rob Fenwitch dj'ing the other night, you can still catch him tomorrow (Wednesday) at Zorro's between 2pm and 4pm SLT when he is covering DJ Minxy's usual slot.  Rob plays a mix of tunes including some great folk music, come along for a fun evening!

Janey Bracken

Awesome Woodstock At The HangOut

The VW camper van was daubed with colourful hand painted  flowers, although the rust was showing through the peeling bodywork; The empty bottles of lager littered the area and the smoke still hung heavily in the air from the spent virtual joints as the Flower Children swayed in time to the hypnotic beat of the music. The songs were all about peace and love with the odd protest song thrown in about the Vietnam War.  Yes we had travelled back in time to Woodstock at the HangOut Club tonight and we had a brilliant time.  DJ/Owner Janis Short had transformed the club into the Woodstock Music Festival site and she played some awesome music too!  Thanks Janis another great evening!

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cher's Wonderfully Haunting Films

The extremely talented Cherish Demonge has proved to be an excellent filmmaker, please see Cher's beautiful work below, enjoy!


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Well Done Rob! Rob DJ's At Zorro's!

The call came out over group chat that the DJ hadn't turned up at Zorro's Tavern tonight and owner Rob Fenwitch had to stand in at a moments notice!!  Well I guess Rob planned it that way and I couldn't resist going over to see the very popular Rob in his new DJ role!  It was a small crowd, but great fun as Rob played some British Folk Music featuring singers like Mike Waterson, the Oysterband and Aeone . It was a very different night with those gentle and sometimes very funny Folk songs, Rob did a great job, I hope he becomes a regular DJ in Second Life.

Janey Bracken