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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Losing Our Virtual Home - Leaving Jamaica Inn And Moving On To SL Pastures New

It had been way back in February 2011 when I moved to my first large piece of Second Life land, a quarter of a homestead in a sim called Jamaica Inn. I have been neighbours with Hibiscus, Drax and Cliff for quite a few years now. We loved Jamaica Inn, celebrating the different seasons, especially  Christmases when we applied the snow texture instead of the usual summer's grass. We enjoyed arranging our Christmas decorations, trees, carousels, ice rinks and more, including Hibiscus's famous ski slope and of course not forgetting Santa himself who was always there to greet our visitors. As soon as Christmas had passed I had been eager to see the Spring grass again, planning on making changes to the sim was always such fun, a new pond here, a rose garden there, summerhouses for people to sit and chat in and my dance pavilion where couples could dance the night away.  Each SL season had been a joy and I loved the landscaping, especially as the years went on and the grasses looked more real and the flowers and trees became mesh so I could do a lot more gardening which didn't use up my precious supply of prims.  We installed skyboxes for privacy, somewhere to chill without the odd visitor  or griefer intruding, although some did try to trespass into our private space only to be ejected by the security system a few seconds later. 

I placed a Skippo games table near the little beach and soon I had quite a few visitors drop in to play the tricky card game, most of them came back on a regular basis and I liked the thought that they enjoyed hanging out at my place in Jamaica Inn.  Then, just as everything eventually ends in Second Life, a couple of weeks ago one of my SL neighbours told the rest of us that he had to give up Jamaica Inn because of real life commitments.  He has some remarkable plans in the real world and we wish him the very best and lots of luck for the future, though we were sorry to see him leave our little bit of virtual paradise.  So we could not really keep Jamaica Inn going as we would have needed someone else to take on the vacant parcel. It was decided for each of us to search for somewhere new.  There is so much land for sale in the virtual world that searching can be quite time consuming, also your first impressions are pretty much influenced on what the neighbouring land owners have put on their plots, those ugly tall buildings or horrible screens that are supposed to look like trees, but look like what they are, a massive flat prim with a tree texture. And of course you never know who will move next to you after you have bought a piece of land, and what they will put there. We had been lucky all those years in Jamaica Inn, we had left most of the sim pretty much open so the landscaping had a sympathetic amount of symmetry throughout. 

Is it sensible to get attached to a piece of land that isn't even real, but just virtual? Well I guess not, but when you have friends sharing land and  it has been your base, it feels almost real.  But then that is the reality of SL, your immersion into the virtual society can produce all of the feelings that the real world can offer, love, hate, sadness and joy because we interact with other people; So why not love something that you have created in the digital world, copying the style of the home you would really like to own in real life if you had the power and the money to do it.  Some scientists now maintain that we are in fact living in a complex virtual reality world in what we call real life anyway, now there's a thought! (If only I could fly or teleport!)

So yes, we feel sadness at leaving Jamaica Inn, where we have spent many happy times together, but everything and everyone moves on so I am feeling positive! I'm looking forward to landscaping my new virtual home whilst remembering those very precious 6 years with my mates in Jamaica Inn. 

Janey Bracken

My notice telling visitors I was moving

Rent office locked

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