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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Walking Around Second Life's Birthday Exhibition - SL14B

I've been wandering around Second Life's 14th Birthday exhibition and enjoyed it very much. On my first day I met Enticing Destiny who had a lovely wooden figure avatar, the type of little figure that artists use  to aid them in getting their proportions right when people are their subjects.  She told me "Some people say I'm a little wooden, but I can't tell LOL"  Enticing kindly let me take a picture of us together  and I asked her to smile for the camera. "How do I know if I'm smiling?" she asked, I laughed and took the picture.  Enticing, who is one of the SL14B helpers, gave me the info pack for the event which included landmarks and free gifts.  I thanked her and went on my way to look around the fantastic exhibits.  The colourful and intriguing displays were just right for SL's birthday bash.  I couldn't resist climbing onto one of the Elite Equestrian group's magnificent horses for a picture and looking around the World of Roleplay, The Venetian Mask Gallery, Transylvania One Blood, CC's Trinidad Carnival and many, many more exhibits.  They are all so well done and beautiful to see.  I loved the giant guitar exhibit and took a ride on the musical note chair to the top of the musical instrument wonder. I caught a few amazing SL singers too over the days, all very professional and talented, there was Ambrosia Kamala accompanied on piano by Thunder Lovenkraft, Jezebel Magic, Dude (dudecansing Resident) and Mimi Carpenter.  The people loved them and they did superbly!

I always look forward to Second Life's Birthdays exhibitions.  Hibiscus, Ed and I enjoyed taking part a few years ago, creating our own exhibits, it was great fun and nice to be part of the celebrations.  I do have a little bit of criticism though, nothing much, but I would love to see every plot with a corner sign where the exhibitors give their details of who they are and what their interpretation of the theme is. Some plots have interactive games, yet it can be hard to find how to play them. I don't want to search for notecards on each exhibit, but to be able to walk up to them and see straight away who is taking part and what their exhibit is about. Also I tend to get a bit lost in SL, now this may be just my bad sense of direction! Lol, but I'd like to see each SLB sim's roads numbered at each end, so that I know if I've already been down that particular area.  I'm sure I must miss a lot and although there is data in the show notes about what is on display and in what sim, there is no beating actually being able to work your way around the sites as you go with visible roadside signs.

Overall a lovely show for SL14B and congratulations to all of the SL14B Staff and Exhibitors, you did Second Life proud!

Here are all exhibitors listed by their names:

Janey Bracken

Elite Equestrian horses

Mimi Carpenter

Dude (dudecansing Resident)

Jezebel Magic

Ambrosia Kamala accompanied on piano by Thunder Lovenkraft,

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