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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Meet The Lindens At SL14B - Lead Community Manager Xiola Linden Took Questions From The Audience

Well Second Life's 14th Birthday seems to have come around so quickly!  The year has just flown past!  Among the attractions at SL14B, there are a series of Meet the Lindens shows presented  by Designing Worlds' Saffia Widdershins.  I went over to see Saffia interviewing  Xiola Linden who is the Lead Community Manager at Linden Labs.  Xiola came across as very friendly and helpful and was pleased to accept questions from the audience.  I asked her what advances she could foresee to make avatars even more lifelike, as the introduction of mesh has altered so much in SL.  Xiola thought the new Bento mesh heads and hands were a great new development, she also loved the new mesh hair textures and the fact that these items had HUDS.   She seemed in awe of the designers in the SL community, saying Linden Labs supply the tools and are amazed at what the community do with them.  She isn't wrong, there are some genius's out there in our virtual world.  I really enjoyed the show, I had a job getting into the sim at the beginning as it was packed, but I managed eventually.  There is another Meet the Lindens today at 2pm when Engineering Director Oz Linden and Director of Product Grumpity Linden appear. Teleport early to avoid disappointment.

Janey Bracken
Xiola and Saffia

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