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Sunday, 4 June 2017

DJ Ed and Friends At Zorro's Tavern

I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful Particle Show in SL tonight, but more about that tomorrow when I sort out all of my photos fom the event. Hibiscus came to the show with me and afterwards we heard that Ed Follet was having a few friends round in Zorro's Tavern as he was dj'ing after our lovely dj TXBarbara Bailey's usual spot at the venue.  Unfortunately I missed Barb as the timing was bad with the particle show.  Anyways, we had some fun at Zorro's and dj Ed played a wonderful set of tunes! It would be nice to see him dj'ing more, as he made the evening go with a swing!

Janey Bracken

1 comment:

Hibiscus said...

Ed, I really enjoyed your music and am sorry I wasn't able to stay for a longer period, but RL called. I hope you will continue to do this.