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Friday, 16 June 2017

Beautiful People Celebrate The Opening Of The Garden Of Dreams, Titans and Designing Worlds New Studio

Designing Worlds Presenter Saffia Widdershins

I witnessed the beautiful people of Second Life gathered in a beautiful place tonight! I was invited to the opening of the newly redesigned Garden of Dreams, Titans and a brand new Designing Worlds Studio, which is located in the Garden of Dreams' gorgeous landscape.  I'd always loved the original Garden of Dreams, the creator Kayle Matzerath is so gifted with his designs and I've got quite a few pieces of his awesome work in my own SL home.  Broadcast by Treet TV every week, Designing Worlds is the extremely popular show on design and designers in virtual worlds and presenters Saffia Widdershins, who is also the Editor of Prim Perfect Magazine, and Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel were hosting the Opening show tonight along with Kayle Matzerath of the Garden of Dreams. Now also located in the Garden of Dreams is Titans, Kilik Lekvoda's store for the cutest fantasy avatars.  We were entertained by amazing singer Lisa Brune who sang live for the first hour.  Lisa's performance was fantastic, her strong, but sweet voice was absolutely splendid as everyone danced and enjoyed the show.  Elrik was dj'ing from 2pm and he did a great job with his blend of vintage songs and some unusual tunes. Dj Zander Greene was taking over Elrik's spot later on in the evening, but alas I had to leave before Dj Zander's set.  The Opening night proved to be a brilliant success, very soon I was surrounded by Lindens. Yes Izzy Linden, Dee Linden, Bianca Linden and Keira Linden had dropped in to have some fun. What a combination, the new Garden of Dreams with the Designing Worlds studio and Titans, it's just paradise! Be sure to go over and visit the Garden of Dreams and Titans and catch the Designing Worlds shows.  Congratulations to Elrik too, his Radio Riel celebrated its 10th Anniversary in Second Life this year.  

Janey Bracken
Singer Lisa Brune

Garden of Dreams Owner Kayle Matzerath

Bianca Linden

Elrik Merlin

Keira Linden

Izzy Linden and Dee Linden

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