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Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Thoughtful Afternoon With the Roadside Philosophers

It was wonderful to be putting the world to rights with the Roadside Philosophers group today.  Pamala Clift is back and on great form as the moderator over her very informative group members' perspectives on life. Today we discussed what are  'Experts' and  what is a viable stance for Experts to take, plus why do we believe things because they are shouted repeatedly at us. Also, do we consider ourselves to be Experts!  Quite a fascinating subject and one we should all be asking today, why should we accept that people are Experts and that they truthful?  I had to admit that I am not an expert on anything, I continue to learn, to look at as much as I can and way it up with all the information out there,  After all when the media reports that an 'Expert' tells us that drinking coffee is really bad for you one week (just a metaphor) and two weeks later the same rag prints that coffee is really good for your body, then something HAS to be wrong!  It's nice to be back with my Philosopher mates!

Janey Bracken

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