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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Hot Steamy Night Of Fun At The HangOut New York City Rooftop!

The cities are the hottest places to be in the summers months, the crowds of people, the volume of traffic and the relentless sun beating down on the pavements as it melts the tarmac on the highways.  The underground trains are sheer torture for the commuters as they journey home from work in an uncomfortably close proximity to their fellow travellers, the beads of sweat running down their faces as they gulp the tepid water or soda from the bottles of drink they hurriedly bought from the sweet shop on the way to the underground station.  They fan their faces with the folded newspapers held in their clammy hands and breathe in the humid air shared by those near them.  The buses aren't quite so bad, but waiting in the queues to board them drains everyone's energy after a hard day at work. Those lucky enough to be commuting by car can turn their air conditioning on, but the long lines of traffic delaying their passage home are frustrating and tiring. 

Then, once home! Joy! Out of those sticky work clothes and into the shower to wash away the day's grime, put on something sexy and head off to the Party on one of New York City's great rooftops, complete with a sprinkler, high above all of the pollution and noise of the traffic, courtesy of HangOut owner Janis Short! Well ok, it's a virtual party, but what a lovely way to spend an evening after a hard day at the office, listening to those hot summer hits and chatting and having fun while you relax at your computer, cold drink in your hand and a chance to chill out!  

Janis had done an excellent job decorating the HangOut, turning it into a lifelike NYC roof scene and everyone had a smashing time!  The heatwave is over in the UK, we had our week of summer a few days ago, but virtually we can have any weather we want!  The magic of Second Life!

Janey Bracken

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