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Friday, 5 May 2017

Happy 8th Rez Day Rob

It was Happy Rez Day to Rob Fenwitch at Zorro's Tavern tonight as Rob celebrated his 8th Rez Day! The theme was food and dj Brain did a great job dishing out the music, something of a feat being that his avatar was a fried egg!  He later changed into a banana, I'm not sure if a banana and an egg would make a great omelette, but his mix of tunes was delicious!  Zorro's Hostess Cat had a tasty straw hat with fruit on it and my own hat had some fruit too, just the thing for a yummy snack!   Rob's party was a recipe for success and everyone had a brilliant time.  Happy Rez Day Rob!

Janey Bracken
P.S. DJ Janis Short is having a cinco de maya party at Zorro's tomorrow night and dj's Brain and Minxy are at the HangOut on Saturday from noon until 2pm SLT.

1 comment:

Hibiscus said...

Happy Rez Day Rob, sorry I wasn't able to attend your party. Looked delicious!