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Monday, 29 May 2017

Bliss by the Pool at the HangOut for Memorial Day and the Start of Summer 2017

It's Memorial Day today in the United States, a day to remember all those who died in the Armed Forces whilst serving their country.  The same day also marks the unofficial start to the summer holiday season.  To remember all those who lost their lives and to highlight the start of summer, Janis Short had a Pool Party at her HangOut Club tonight.   Janis actually had a pool inside the club and the beautiful people arrived very quickly to make it a fantastic evening. And beautiful they were too in their beach gear.  It was a record night, there were 35 people at one time in the tiny HangOut venue. Janis played all the popular summer tunes, it made you feel so good, the beginning of the long hot summer days! (Well, we hope!) It doesn't really matter if we have grey skies in real life, in Second Life we can have sunshine all year long if we want it!  Thanks for a brilliant party Janis.

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Happy Birthday John! - Great Party At the Club Underground For John's Birthday!

There was a brilliant Birthday Party at the Club Underground tonight.  It was John Lovell's Birthday and DJ/Owner Seany Blinker played some great tunes to celebrate John's big day. The venue was filled to the brim with clubbers having a good time.  John had a massive Birthday Cake next to him in the club; Just as well he kept an eye on it all night as Seany's pet goat looked very hungry, as did the  camel. Apparently it was John's birthday camel, so the goat didn't dare to take a nibble of the cake.  We had a smashing time and I hope you had a very Happy Birthday John!

Janey Bracken