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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Great Performance From Urban Harvy At Two Moon Gardens

I saw a notice inviting us over to that extraordinarily beautiful garden centre Two Moon Gardens tonight, it was an invitation to come and listen to Urban Harvy singing live.  I teleported over  and as I landed near the main store I could hear Urban's smooth and cool Country and Western lilting voice filling the sim.  I headed over to the 'Waterways - in Bloom' garden where Urban was on stage in front of a very appreciative audience, they were loving every minute of it.  From the Beatles to Elvis Presley, his repertoire of evergreen songs was pleasing indeed, especially in such a lovely setting.  Urban's versions of Georgia On My Mind and Just Another Tequila Sunrise were pure magic, this man has lots of soul and such an easy laid back style that the show went past in a flash.  Hibiscus joined me half way through Urban's performance and we both had a great time. Watch out for more of Urban Harvy's SL concerts and take a look around Two Moon Gardens when you get a chance, their designs are just awesome.

Janey Bracken

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