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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Everyone Got Physical At the HangOut Gym

The sweat was pouring off of the clubbers tonight at the HangOut Club, the sexy lycra clothes clung to those well tuned bodies as they grooved in time to the 80s hits as dj Janis served up a storm of tunes to get our pulses racing.  Hangout owner/dj Janis Short had turned the club into a gym with running machines and exercise mats, weights and all sorts.  I can't believe how fit everyone was, no one was out of breath, no one had to sit down and to top it all they played trivia too, so their fingers were getting exercised on those keyboards as well! Congrats to Catriona for getting so many trivia questions right.  Barbie joined us a little later on and she's very clever at trivia too, well done to the pair of them. Well that's my quota of aerobics for this week, I think I'll have a cup of coffee with some chocolate biscuits.......

Janey Bracken

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