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Saturday, 15 April 2017

A Welcome Back For Pamala Clift At The Roadside Philosophers

There was a big welcome back for the leader of the Roadside Philosophers Group, Pamala Clift, today as she gave her first discussion forum after an absence of quite a few months to take a well earned  break.  The group had still being going over the months with some great people leading the discussions like Lyle and Teresa.  I must admit I hadn't been around much in the group either, also one of the members, the lovely feminist who always blamed men for everything, Elizabeth, had died in real life and it was hard to lose such a wonderful character like Elizabeth, she had always been centre stage after Pam at the meetings and was a delight to listen to, even if you disagreed with her.  I missed quite a lot of the discussion today as the real world got in the way, but I joined them for the last three quarters of an hour to hear their views about 'How do you speak to your enemy'  As always, words of wisdom came from each speaker about the subject, they are a fantastic group. I chose not to speak, it seemed inappropriate today, but I would have said first get to know who your enemies are, they may be sitting right next to you and you may not know it. We've been divided and conquered as people have been put into categories of social and cultural groups who have then been deliberately set against each other for political means. Pam, as wise as ever, said at the end of the meeting that those who divide you control you, she is so right, glad you decided to come back Pam, the Philosophers have missed you! 

Janey Bracken

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