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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Join the May Day Reverlry at the HangOut on Monday!

M'Lords and Ladies, ye are cordially invited to attend a revelry at the HangOut on Monday, May 1st, to celebrate May Day. Thee will be most welcome in thy Medieval garb as the sundial casts its long shadow at 1pm (SLT). Be thee a peasant, farmer, merchant or gentry, all wouldst be appreciated for thy company!

Janey Bracken

Friday, 28 April 2017

Take A Little Time To See What Is Happening To Venezuela

On the 19 April there had been an SL group message sent out by one of our friends in Venezuela, Fashion Designer Miss W of Wetherby's Fashions. Miss W told us of the demonstrations that were taking place that very day in Venezuela and the fact that these demonstrations against the government were a regular event with people being killed, injured and arrested in the process.  Miss W told me that she would be going out to help the demonstrators by taking food and drink for them. Essentials such as food are such a scarcity in Venezuela and most of the people over the whole of the planet  have no idea regarding the knife edge situation of the peoples of Venezuela. Food supplies, if they can be found at all in the shops, have such inflated prices that ordinary men and women can no longer afford to buy enough to survive on. People join long queues for food each day, hoping to purchase a few items, many of them eating every other day because that is all they can afford to do; There are people actually starving to death.  Of course, with poverty, crime gets out of control too, a frightening and tragic situation for these proud people to find themselves in. You would think this news would be a top priority all over the world, yet it may get coverage half way down the pages of the national newspapers, after all the celebrity news and other tv rubbish that is printed, if you are lucky.

President Trump recently commented about the conditions in Venezuela and there needs to be a dialog between Venezuela's leaders and the US. Venezuela should be a rich country with its wealth in oil, yet its people are literally dying.  Sanctions do nothing but inflict more pain on the population.

We constantly see false news such as the economies are doing great they report, (It's the same in Europe), yes, but not well for the ordinary people,  well for the fat cats and the shareholders of the big corporations, yet the people are on low wages and constantly see cut backs and austerity demanded by their politicians and leaders.  Take a hard look at Venezuela, this will be the future of all of the West if the socialist globalists continue with this centralisation of power managed through keeping countries in debt, importing cheap labour, adding more dependants from other countries and introducing draconian regulations to limit and direct the competition away from the bankers and big corporations as the 1% become ever more powerful. The EU is a prime example of this and Greece and the other poorer countries are hitting rock bottom with unemployment and austerity as they no longer rule themselves and cannot adjust their own economies to save themselves. 

Another Venezuelan friend in SL gave me these links, she thinks people should know what is happening, and I strongly agree, we must never turn our backs on our friends and we must never forget one day we may walk to the supermarkets to find the shelves bare too. See both links below to understand what is happening and also the video.

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Top 30 Rock and Metal Chart at Zorro's Tavern

I had a nice relaxed evening over at Zorro's Tavern tonight, DJ Minxy was treating everyone to the current Top 30 tunes from the Rock and Metal Chart! The chat ranged from holidays to food, always a favourite subject in SL.  Zorro's hostess Fibi did a great job.  Rob's Zorro's Tavern is always brilliant for an SL night on the town.

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Everyone Got Physical At the HangOut Gym

The sweat was pouring off of the clubbers tonight at the HangOut Club, the sexy lycra clothes clung to those well tuned bodies as they grooved in time to the 80s hits as dj Janis served up a storm of tunes to get our pulses racing.  Hangout owner/dj Janis Short had turned the club into a gym with running machines and exercise mats, weights and all sorts.  I can't believe how fit everyone was, no one was out of breath, no one had to sit down and to top it all they played trivia too, so their fingers were getting exercised on those keyboards as well! Congrats to Catriona for getting so many trivia questions right.  Barbie joined us a little later on and she's very clever at trivia too, well done to the pair of them. Well that's my quota of aerobics for this week, I think I'll have a cup of coffee with some chocolate biscuits.......

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Workout at the HangOut Gym Tomorrow Night

I suspect everyone needs to get fit after all those Easter Eggs and holiday treats.  Well you can treat yourself to a workout at the HangOut gym on Monday  (24th April at 1pm SLT). Owner/DJ Janis Short will be playing some high energy aerobics style tunes from the 80's. Get your kit ready and jog over for some fun tomorrow night.

Janey Bracken

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Happy Birthday Bernie

It was Bernice Galteir's Birthday today and she had a lovely party at Zorro's Tavern to celebrate. The theme for the party was the weather and Rob must have raised the roof on the Tavern to let the rain pour in, as it was lashing down!  People had umbrellas and wellington boots, however Bernie came prepared without needing a rain mac, she was a beautiful mermaid, even bringing her own giant fish bowl to swim around in.  Fibi and I found some little fishes to float around  our heads and Ed said it made him hungry for fish and chips, I later saw him dancing with a shark, I bet that put him right off his supper!  I actually had fish and chips with mayo in my inventory which I got out. To my surprise it was wrapped in the British newspaper The Sun and the headline read  "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster" (Yes it was a real headline in 13 March 1986).  It was recorded later that the story was fabricated, thankfully for the poor little hamster! 

Dj Janis Short played some brilliant weather associated tunes and also did a smashing job decorating the Tavern for Bernie's Birthday and Zorro's owner Rob made the amazing neon Happy Birthday sign.  Hope you had a great day Bernie!

Janey Bracken