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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Rocketman Galaxy's Great Live Performance At Runaround Sue's and On To An Awesome Teen Idol Party At The HangOut

I had a great night tonight, I had dressed up my avatar for Janis's Teen Idols party at the HangOut Club and decided to go over to the popular Runaround Sue's venue, as it was still too early for the HangOut.  I was lucky, Sue's was packed and there was a live singer performing called Rocketman Glalaxy.  Rocketman, with his fantastic voice, had the place buzzing with 50s tunes and ballads and the crowd loved him.  I'm sorry that I only caught the last half of his show, so I'll try to catch the whole show next time.  

I'd tried to dress like singer Amy Winehouse for the HangOut party. Amy, who sadly died a little while ago, is still a legend in the music business and I enjoyed searching for clothes and hair to suit her image.  I was interested to see how the other clubbers would dress for the Teen Idol party and as usual, they all looked stunning. DJ/HangOut owner Janis played some brilliant music and she also had trivia to add to the fun.  Most of us didn't stand a chance in getting the answers right though,  Barbie Mcleod is so clever at trivia that she beat everyone tonight with her amazing knowledge. Well done Barbie!  The party was lovely and it was a really good evening all round. 

Janey Bracken

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