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Friday, 31 March 2017

Hats Off To Janis At Her Birthday Party - Happy Birthday Janis!

It was Janis Short's Birthday today and we had a great party at Zorro's Tavern to celebrate.  Hats off to Janis, it was a real Birthday bash! TXBarbara Bailey brought a wonderful big Birthday cake along to Zorro's, which included birthday hats and sparklers. Zorro's Host Cat gave out some party hats too and Poppy gave out some very stylish skull top hats. So we had lots to pick from!  Janis had her own hat and it was beautiful, a very posh top hat with black lace to go with her amazing sparkly costume.  Zorro's owner Rob picked some sparklers instead of a hat and he danced around leaving an array of sparks like little fireflies in his wake.  DJ Brain played some very lively tunes to make it a perfect evening!  Also celebrating their Rez Days over the last couple of months were Poppy, Bernie, Cat and Ed! I hope you all had fantastic Rez Days!

Happy Birthday Janis!

Janey Bracken

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