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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Happy Birthday Nahi!

I headed over to Zorro's Tavern tonight as dj TXBarbara Bailey was playing some great tunes there.  Barb invited me to join her and the other ladies on her dance chimera, so we all danced together.  Rob was the only male there and Barb said they had been having a hen party, although no one was actually getting married. Any excuse I guess.  Poor Rob danced on his own over the other side of his fabulous gardens at the Tavern until Brain and Korky joined us to even things up!  As is traditional in the UK clubs, the ladies danced around their handbags they had put on the floor, I'm not sure if people outside of the UK do this, but it's gone on for years in the UK so the girls can keep an eye on their bags as they enjoy themselves. Late into the evening Nahi arrived and told us it was her real life Birthday today!  Happy Birthday Nahi, I hope you have a lovely time!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the congrats and the pics! It was fantabulous!! hey! Nice habit to dance around your bags, I didn't see that when I lived in the UK

Hugs and beijos,

Nahiram Vaniva

Janey Bracken said...

Hope you had a lovely Birthday Nahi! I've seen the bag thing a few times, usually when groups of girls go out together, hugs, Janey xxx(beijos!)