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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wobbie Wobbit's Comedy Club, Live At Muckers

I've just been over to Muckers to see singer comedienne Wobbie Wobbit performing live.  Wobbie reminded me of Victoria Wood, her great novelty songs about every day things with all the audience on open mic too to join in the chorus of each tune was lots of fun.  Wobbie strummed her guitar and gave us her hilarious lyrics,  being a bus driver in London, how she drove her big red bus passed the Houses of Parliament and her route from Victoria to Enfield. Her song celebrating the binmen, hooray for the binmen, for taking away our rubbish... hooray, hooray the audience joined in... Then Wobbie;s rendition of a musical she is writing about singer Phil Collins, Phil was given the gift of drumming, doof doof de doof, the sound of drums chimed in by the audience!  so funny! She went on to sing about her imaginary dog called Womble and playing with him in the park with his imaginary ball, the audience in Muckers loved it.  In her next song Wobbie sang that she had been an ugly duckling who grew up into an ugly old duck!  Wobbie had many more songs too. Nothing ugly about Wobbie and her comedy act, she kept us all entertained and happy with her very own unique style of comedy and the participating audience made it a great show.  Sorry guys I didn't join in the open mic as I seemed to have trouble connecting voice, but I was singing away in real life to Wobbie's great tunes.. An SL star is born!

Janey Bracken

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Spider Amanda said...

Wobbie always seems to capture the bedrock of comedy and clever lyric writing.