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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Nahi and Truths' 6th Anniversary!

Well it's getting very close to Valentine's Day and I hadn't expected to go out in SL tonight, but I heard it was Nahi and Truth's 6th Anniversary and they were at Zorro's Tavern celebrating.  Zorro's turned out to be very romantic, just right for Valentine's week as we had romance in the air, not only with our lovely couple Nahi and Truths dancing together, but also Minxy and Brain and dj TXBarbara and Korky, showing that Second Life really can be the place for real love to blossom.  Dj Barb played some great tunes and everyone enjoyed the party. Congratulations to Nahi and Truths, I hope your happiness goes on forever.

Janey Bracken


1 comment:

Truths Marder said...

Thank you, Janey ~ It was great to see you, our friends as well, on such a day. From place to place all day, so many friends and ways to celebrate. We all make SecondLife ou destination for more than 2nd living. Onward!