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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

It was Criminal at the HangOut tonight! Great Oliver Twist Party Fun

"You've got to pick a pocket or two", they sang in the film Oliver Twist and you had to be careful in the HangOut Club tonight!  Yes it was an Oliver Twist themed party and there were plenty of villains about, luckily they were easy to spot, especially Hibiscus in her black facemask and cat burglar outfit.  The other dodgy ones had striped outfits with bags of swag, obviously they had just come back from nabbing some poor mug's loot somewhere and had hot-footed it away before the Old Bill caught them!  We had some nicely dressed wenches too, plus some gents in their finery keeping an eye on their wallets and pocket watches, just in case. I was surprised at Zila, she turned up with her best jewellery on tonight, I hope she made it home ok before the old lags caught sight of her! It was a very colourful party and a really enjoyable night.  DJ/HangOut owner Janis played lots of songs to do with money, food and stealing, and wanting more. And yes, we did want more at the end of the evening, time really flew past!  

Janey Bracken


1 comment:

Hibiscus said...

I must say I was eying that tiara!