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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Club Underground Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary

Big Congratulations tonight to Club Underground, yes Seany Blinker's Club is celebrating its 6th anniversary, a great achievement in Second Life as clubs usually come and go after a short while. However, the Club Underground has always been a huge success with many regulars and a whole list of talented dj's to keep the music at its best.  Tonight was no exception, dj Divine Law played a brilliant set and hostess Fluffy Bombastic made everyone welcome.  The Club was crowded as people partied into the night with lively chat and banter and a relaxed and friendly atmoshphere.  Just the venue for a fantastic night out in SL.  Congratulations to Seany and Fluffy, may the Club continue its well deserved success for many years to come.  Also I heard that it's Barbie McLeod's birthday on Saturday.  A very Happy Birthday Barbie! Hope you have a lovely time!

Janey Bracken

Happy Birthday Barbie

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